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Council acknowledge our duty of care to all persons who may be at our workplaces including contractors, sub-contractors, volunteers, employees (workers), visitors and general public.  Council has an obligation to ensure that people and the natural environment are not exposed to hazards or damage and that a safe workplace is provided so far as is reasonably practicable.


This on line Contractor Induction is provided as a general guide and will assist you in setting a standard for safe work and minimising risk.  It does not attempt to provide all the information.  All contractors/suppliers must ensure that WHS legislative compliance is met through their own management systems. 


It is suggested that you visit SafeWorkSA www.safework.sa.gov.au or Safe Work Australia www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/  for further information on establishing WHS management systems


All contractors, their employees and any sub-contractors or suppliers who may be engaged to perform works or deliver services within any worksite controlled by, or on behalf of Port Pirie Regional Council are required to successfully complete the induction, upon acceptance and signing of contract/agreement.


Please arrange for ALL relevant staff / workers to complete the on line contractor process – it will take approximately 30 minutes

  1. Complete online induction
  2. Print out certificate at end of induction and sign, or alternatively take a screen capture of the certificate.


To start the online contractor induction please click here


Inductions are valid for two (2) years.


Site inductions will still be required for the particular jobs/projects.

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